The Cross Saga (Saga Cross)

Through my Own Little Eyes | Everything Will be Fine

A beautiful story about friendship, love and overcoming seen through the eyes of a guide dog.

Cross is a happy and naughty guide dog. Mario is a young blind man who is trying to make his way in life. After graduating in the degree of his dreams, he manages to build his own business, getting it off the ground on his own and without the economic help of his parents. Getting a loan won’t be easy. The idea is good, but the prejudices on having a blind person in charge of the company will be a great obstacle. Together, Cross and Mario are an inseparable team.

Ortiz’s novel embarks the audience into a moving and fun story about the adventures of Cross in the human world and about the evolution of his owner. The story tells what a Golden Retriever, chosen to be the eyes of a blind man, sees, thinks and feels. Cross is a dog that just wants to play. In fact, he is the naughtiest of all of the guide dogs of the group in which Mario and Cross learn how to work together.

After his work as a guide dog is over, and he lives as a happily retired dog, Cross and Mario come together once again when Mario founds a new and peculiar agency of detectives in Madrid. With him, there is Nicolás, his best friend, and Milagros and Juanma, two audacious youngsters. Cross, his extraordinary guide dog, already retired, and Jazz, a playful German Shepherd, also join the agency, although they do not get along very well.

A girl has been missing for months now, and nobody has been able to solve the case. Fortunately, Mario’s agency will be in charge, and with the help of their dog friends, they will all get involved in a story of adventure, secrets, mysteries and lots of fun.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Emilio Ortiz is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Through My Little Eyes (A través de mis pequeños ojos), in which Mario and Cross live a series of original and fun adventures. In this new installment, Everything Will Be Fine (Todo saldrá bien), Ortiz immerse both protagonists in a new detective plot.

Through My Little Eyes (A través de mis pequeños ojos) has been extremely successful and has sold more than 100.000 copies. It was a social media phenomenon – tens of thousands of followers on Facebook -, and it has been a Christmas bestseller for three years in a row. It was also #1 in Amazon.

Ortiz’s work has been translated into several languages, and it has thousands of followers all over the world.

Besides, the author has been awarded with the second place of the I Certamen Internacional Musas de Primavera and the first place in the 11th edition of the Premios ANADE de cuento.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish.

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