Eugenia Almeida

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Mertin Witt.

Eugenia Almeida graduated in Social Communication at the National University of Córdoba (Argentina). As a journalist, she has worked in press, radio and television. She has published journalism and fiction works in magazines, several Argentinian and European newspapers, and she has been a member of the jury in several literary contests.

She is the director of the “Words and things” column in the radio show “Look who’s talking” from Nuestra Radio. Currently, she also coordinates reading workshops and individual writing workshops. She has also published poetry works.



Almeida holds the “Dos Orillas” International Novel Award, organized by the Iberoamerican Book Event in Gijón (Spain). Her work has been published in Argentina, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Portugal, Austria and Island. She was also a finalist for Rómulo Gallegos Award. 

Her third novel, “Tension at the threshold” (Tensión en el umbral), received the Transfuge Award in France for the best Hispanic novel.