Gonzalo García Pelayo e Ivan García Pelayo

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Gonzalo García Pelayo and Iván García Pelayo, father and son, are both the authors of La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos. 
Gonzalo is a Spanish entrepreneur who has also worked as a music producer, a radio host and a film director. In the 90s he designed a legal method to win at the roulette wheel at casinos.

Iván graduated in Philosophy from the Complutense University of Madrid, and also studied music and music production with professionals such as his father or Julio Palacios.



Gonzalo has produced more the 150 albums, including the albums of the following artists: Carlos Cano, Aute, María Jiménez and the Triana group. Having directed 13 movies, as a film director he is considered the father of Andalusian cinema. He is also the author of the books: “¡Buenos días, Energía!”; “Aprende a jugar al póquer con los Pelayos” and “Apostar para ganar”.

Iván was a singer and guitar player for the band “Lejos de Allí” with whom he has recorded 3 music records and composed the successful song “Lejos de Allí”. He also was a marketing director for the Metro Goldwyn Mayer in their leisure, gaming and hospitality division in Las Vegas. He is the author of the books “La superación del ego” and “¿Cuánto te juegas?”.