The fabulous story of the Pelayos (La fabulosa historia de los Pelayo)

Only one family could mock the casinos all around the world and become millionaires.

Spain, 1990s. The Pelayos are about to make history by being the first family ever create chaos in casinos all around the world and earn huge sums of money without cheating or committing any crimes. All they need is loyalty, an ingenious technique, and brains.

It all starts when Gonzalo García-Pelayo, patriarch of the family and a philosopher by vocation, realizes that the casino roulette wheels aren’t perfectly horizontal or have a normal structure. With the help of his eldest son, Iván, they will discover a legal technique based on observation of each wheel and the application of a series of calculation that enables them to always win.

His fame spread throughout Spain, and casinos all over the country dreaded him, and he even got banned from many of them. Other casinos would modify their furniture and equipment to avoid falling into the Pelayos hands at all costs.

The family’s success doesn’t last. They will have to endure a series of rough experiences, such as being violently kicked out from the casinos, or face legal battles to be able to play again. The Pelayos will turn the entire casino gaming system upside down and create intense rivalry between them and the managers of the casinos.

Their good luck officially came to an end in Las Vegas. Gonzalo’s calculations failed repeatedly, and the situation escalated to the point where they were threatened at a gunpoint to leave the casinos.

Their good luck officially came to an end in a Las Vegas. Gonzalo’s calculations repeatedly failed, and things escalated to the point where he was even threatened at a gunpoint to leave.

Years after appearing in the headlines, the Pelayos began to bet in online poker, and they launched an academy to explain the new techniques that would help their audience win.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The Fabulous Story of the Pelayos (La fabulosa historia de los Pelayos) is a bestseller based on the true story of the authors, Iván and Gonzalo García Pelayo. The novel inspired the documentary “The Roulette Assault” (2004) which featured on the History Channel.

This story resembles other successful audiovisual projects such as 21: Black Jack, Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, and even other recent productions such as The Money Heist. The novel, which was written by the protagonists themselves, has exclusive and never-before revealed information about this incredible story. It also contains a whole series of anecdotes which will help expand the universe of this story.


What has been said about the author and the novel:

“Gonzalo García-Pelayo is unique. Everything that can be said about him has already been said. And yet, he is still relevant, and he is a reference for the new generations.” The Confidential

“This is an adventure book.” The Literary World

“Entertaining reading of this curious biography, which details the experiences of this family who was dedicated to playing in casinos around the world.” Amazon

“The book is entertaining especially for gambling fanatics and the universe of casinos.” Lecturalia


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, TV Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and English.

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