Julio Rodríguez

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Julio Rodríguez is a writer, screenwriter, and university professor. He is specialized in the field of Psychology and has earned a PhD from the University of Oviedo. He is a poetry author, novelist, and essay writer in the field of Psychology. He has worked as a screenwriter at the Prestas gaya show and has collaborated on the documentaries El astillero, La tierra de Oscar and Por la puerta grande, which won the Best Asturiano Feature Film Award. He currently combines his work as an author with his work at the School of Labor Relations of Gijón, where he is the director.



Julio Rodríguez has won numerous Awards for his novels, such as the Vargas Llosa de Novel Award, the Emilio Alarcos Award of poetry, the Ciudad de Mérida poetry Award and the Hermanos Argensola International Poetry Prize. 


What critics have saids about his novel El gran Pirelli:

« In the novel El gran Pirelli, Julio Rodríguez immerses us in a crime story, a hard-boiled crime novel, seasoned with a lot of humor». El Comercio.

«Very funny. Pirelli is a great character and I hope it will be continued». Goodreads.