The Great Pirelli (El gran Pirelli)

The best way to hunt criminals is to be one of them.

Lawyer Antonio Bódalo is found dead; the main suspect is the prestigious Inspector Armando Torres. Pirelli is a criminal who, after spending years in jail, and thanks to Armando Torres, is finally free and rebuilds his life working as a stock boy at Primark. Armando contacts Pirelli from prison to help him look for evidence to prove his innocence.

Pirelli begins by recruiting his eccentric friends to help him investigate: Reverend Brown and his sidekick Maguiver, a schizophrenic and alcoholic man, but with a car of his own. He also visits Beatriz Sanjuán, Antonio Bódalo’s widow; and the house where Torres’ wife lives, where he finds some photos, a diary and a lighter in the shape of a fly. As a result of all this, he will be able to follow a series of clues and beings to connect the dots.

Augusto Fábregas is a corrupt Galician businessman who appears in Bódalo’s notes. When Pirelli discovers that Bódalo’s widow had been staying at a hotel in Galicia, he suspects that she was having an affair with Fábregas. Fábregas’ men give him a vicious beating, but this doesn’t stop Pirelli from making further inquiries.

Upon his return, Pirelli realizes that Torres, Fábregas and Bódalo’s wives have a secret in common.

After an intense and dangerous investigation along with some clues that lead to dead ends, Pirelli, with the help of his friends, discovers that the wives of Torres, Fábregas and Bódalo belong to a cult of women. After miraculously escaping from these dangerous adversaries, our beloved criminal is discovered driving without a license and is arrested and taken back to prison, but not before having achieved the feat of gathering the necessary information to get Armando Torres out of jail.


RELEVANT DATA: Julio Rodríguez is a Spanish writer. He has received numerous awards for his works, including the Vargas Llosa Novel Award, the Emilio Alarcos Poetry Award, the City of Merida Poetry Award, and the International Poetry Award Hermanos Argensola.


What the critics are saying:

“In The Great Pirelli (El gran Pirelli), Julio Rodríguez immerses us in a detective story, a hard-boiled crime novel, seasoned with a lot of humor. [..] Julio Rodríguez acknowledged references in his novel to that fascinating Mendozian character who solved police cases in Olive Labrynth and Mystery of the Enchanted Crypt.” El Comercio

“Very fun. Pirelli is a character that I hope will have continuity.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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