Manuel Marlasca

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Manuel Marlasca is a famous Spanish journalist, chronicler and writer. For more than three decades now, Marlasca is specialized in investigating criminal and terrorist events. Since the 1980s, he has worked in several Spanish communication media, like Antena 3, El mundo newspaper, Interviú magazine and La Sexta.

In 2012 he was promoted to senior researcher at La Sexta Noticias, a very famous Spanish informative TV program. He also collaborates in the Espejo Público TV show by Antena 3, and as co-host, along with Luis Rendueles, in the “Territorio negro” section of the radio broadcast Julia en la Onda, one of the main programs of Onda Cero (Spain’s number two radio station).

On his last work, I will hunt the monster for you (Cazaré al monstruo por ti), Marlasca compiles a series of judicial and police data about the famous so-called Candy Operation, a case that kept alert the police corps of Madrid for several months in 2014. Their target was a pedophile who kidnapped little girls in the daylight, sexually abused them, and freed them without leaving a trace.



Marlasca is a very well-known journalist focused on researching. He won the Best Blog Prize on Issues Related to Police Business, and two Police Awards to the Human Values and Journalism. He was given the Cruz al Mérito Policial con distintivo blanco.