Miguel Barroso

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Miguel Barroso is a journalist, working as both a director and executive in different communication companies. He combined his journalism with studies in Law, Economy and Philosophy, and Literary Studies (specializing in Modern and Contemporary History) at the Central University of Barcelona. He has collaborated in many national newspapers like El Viejo Topo and El País, among others. He held many senior positions in the 80´s at the Ministry of Education and Science. In the 90´s, he was a counselor for many companies, national and international alike and was the General Director of FNAC Spain. Afterwards, he was the secretary at the State of Communication, the General Director at the Casa de América in Madrid and an adviser for José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, former president of Spain. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Young & Rubicam, a company that performs publicity and communication services.



Miguel Barroso was bestowed with the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit (Spain). He has published three novels with themes pertaining to Latin America, all of which have been well received by critics and one that was even turned into a film by his brother, Mariano Barroso – film, TV and theater director and winner of the Special Judges Award at the Film Festival in Málaga.