A Sensitive Subject (Un asunto sensible)

Three Cuban stories of crime and betrayal.

The emotionally thrilling true crime story and its trial that struck the Cuban society and negatively shifted their opinion about the Castro regime. After having recently survived the failed invasion of officer Fulgencio Batista´s Presidential Palace, four children from the Revolutionary Directory were gunned down by the Havana police on April 20th, 1957. Seven years later, five of which were Castro´s first years in office, the trial opened against the heinous crime. Marquitos, accused of denunciation, went to university with those who were murdered and was the only one to testify. By the end of the hearing, he was sentenced to death. This not only shifted the Cuban´s public opinion about the regime, but also uncovered certain tensions that existed within the government and weakened the communist police. Apart from this, the Minister of Culture and the Vice-Minister of the Armed Forces were condemned, as he was accused of having collaborated with the CIA and was thrown in prison for the rest of his life.

This book uncovers many of the questions that inevitably emerged during this situation, as well as recreates the convoluted atmospheres that surrounded the end of Batista´s term and the beginning of the revolution in Cuba.


RELEVANT DATA: Miguel Barroso researched exhaustively after having seen the news surrounding the trial and investigating the prosecution of the young Marcos Rodríguez “Marquitos” and the death of the four militants. An impressive documentary mixed with a series of interviews conducted by CIA agent Philip Agee to former protagonists of the revolutionary process, relatives of the executioners, counterrevolutionary fighters, Marcos friends and relatives of those who were killed.

Miguel Barroso was bestowed with the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit (Spain). He has published three novels with themes pertaining to Latin America, all of which have been well received by critics and one that was even turned into a film by his brother, Mariano Barroso – film, TV and theater director and winner of the Special Judges Award at the Film Festival in Málaga.


What the critics have said:

“This book is key to understanding “Marquito´s” case. Barroso´s investigative work is terrific. ” – Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.