Nacho Abad

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Nacho Abad is one of the most well-known faces of Spanish journalism. He has worked as a reporter for over two decades, has specialized in trials and events and he is well-known for his work in some of the most important TV channels of the nation, such as Telecinco or Antena 3, and for his articles in publications such as El Confidencial, La Razón y El Debate.

Aside from his role as a journalist, Abad has cultivated a passion for literature for years, and he has published novels of various genres, from comedy to noir, where his knowledge in criminology becomes evident.


Nacho Abad has received the Letras del Mediterráneo Award thanks to his book The Candidate (“El candidato”). His book was named the Leonese Book of the Year and he has also been prized for his excellent work in the journalistic field. Abad’s novels are characterized by a delightful use of mystery and their light and fun language. His stories are an emotional roller coaster full of plot twists.