The Candidate: A Political Thriller (El candidato: Un thriller político)

Guilt outsells innocence.

Lázaro Arnau, one of the most respected businessmen in Castellón, Spain decides to run for national elections. He leads Green Sprouts, a new transparent environmentalist party that has quickly gained lots of momentum. Arnau has become an idol who promotes campaigns to safeguard the health of the environment and a new way of doing politics. The polls announce that he could come to power in coalition with the current president’s party, Pedro Sánchez. But, everything goes into shambles when just five days before the elections, a woman publicly accuses him of a sexual assault that took place ten years ago. Arnau immediately loses all his popularity. The battle for his innocence and credibility in the eyes of public opinion has just begun and he only counts on support from his lawyer and confidant, Jesús.

Two days before the elections, the body of Arnau’s alleged victim appears lifeless, causing a huge media scandal and the beginning of a murder investigation. After this scandal, a video is leaked in which the young woman drugs the candidate and beats herself to simulate the aggression. These are intense days of media mayhem full of unexpected twists and turns. Lázaro Arnau attracted so much popular attention that he was elected President of the Government.

The investigation into the death of the young woman is still ongoing. The inspector in charge of the Homicide Group of the City, Esther Fabregat, and a journalist, Silvia, devote themselves to investigating this case that ends up becoming a plot against the new president of the Government.

After an arduous investigation full of obstacles, corruption, dangerous secrets and a hunger for power, it turns out that the person behind the whole scheme is his lawyer, Jesús, a corrupt man capable of anything to achieve the vice-presidency promised by his boss. However, the one who executes his orders is “el cuervo”, the daughter of a powerful Latin American drug trafficker who moved to Madrid to try to disassociate herself from her past.

In the grand final twist, Arnau confesses to Silvia that he already knew his lawyer’s strategy and used it to achieve the presidency. The journalist, finally, decides to publish a book anonymously revealing all the information. And Arnau, despite having lost the support of his party and having public opinion against him, decides not to step down.


RELEVANT DATA: The Candidate (El candidato) has received the Letras del Mediterráneo Award from the Castellón Provincial Council.

Nacho Abad is a criminologist and journalist. He has been working for more than two decades in court and crime news. He is one of the most recognized faces of the Spanish audiovisual scene in this field and one of those involved in the investigation of the disappearance of Marta del Castillo, one of the most mediatic cases of recent years.

He has worked for some of the most important national newsrooms: Telecinco, Antena 3, La Razón, Cope, Telemadrid, El Confidencial…


What the critics have said:

“The Candidate (El candidato) is a thriller that does not give the reader a break. A story that is divided into subplots linked to each other that gives us an unexpected ending. It reviews many of today’s hot topics.” Mis Cosas Eyra (literary blog).

“The author manages to get us fully into a plot and we can get a glimpse of how the strings are pulled to subtly “deceive” the readers through marketing and advertising.” Goodreads.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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