Paola Boutellier

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Paola Boutellier.

Paola Boutellier is a Spanish writer and content creator who, in 2016, became known thanks to her YouTube channel Bicheando Libros, where she talks about literature, movies and series.

She graduated in Audiovisual Communication with a minor in video and sound post-production. She later studied a Master’s degree in Marketing and Digital Communication Management at CEREM International Business School in Madrid.

Her passion for thrillers, cozy crimes and Agatha Christie motivated her to dive into writing with a mystery trilogy that captivated thousands of readers.



Paola Boutellier is one of the best-known booktubers and bookstagrammers in Spanish, with an entourage of more than 160,000 followers on social media both in Spain and Latin America.

On the literary platform Goodreads, Boutellier’s works gather thousands of ratings and hundreds of reviews that highlight her writing style, as well as the originality of her plot approaches.