The last turn (El último giro)

A race to save their lives.

On the eve of the year’s most anticipated Formula 1 race, the “natural causes” death of the deputy chief engineer of one of the teams shocks everyone. Olivia, a simple catering waitress, suspects this is not an isolated crime and that her mother Silvia, the respected chief engineer, could face the same fate.

Olivia then embarks on a secret investigation in which her familial connection to Silvia is a constant difficulty. The trust of her friends and collaborators hangs by a thread, and any misstep could expose her status as a daughter and ruin the investigation.

The dangers Olivia faces increase as she discovers the fierce power struggles among the federation’s high ranks. The arrival of electric cars has become the perfect excuse for ruthless competition. The drivers are not far behind, as they also harbor unspeakable secrets. Michel, Olivia’s loyal friend, is caught in a dilemma when his dream of becoming the main driver for his dream team tests his friendship with her.

Morality and loyalty are at stake. Every strategic move to control the race endangers the lives of those participating in it. Will they manage to save themselves?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Since Formula 1 became a prominent figure in the audiovisual field, it has captured attention as an ever-evolving stream, full of political intrigue, technological advancements, and characters that exceed expectations. In her novel The Last Turn -currently in the writing process for publication in 2024-, Paola Boutellier exposes and criticizes the abuse of power rooted in this sport, as well as its tendency towards classism, all from a feminist perspective and through a thriller as enigmatic as it is enveloping. Boutellier is a true sensation on social media, with more than 200,000 followers and a solid fandom of thousands of readers.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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