Pilar Cernuda

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Pilar Cernuda is a Spanish writer and author, granddaughter of writer Saturnino Calleja. She studied journalism and, for years, her articles specialized on the Spanish Royal Family, until she started working for the newspaper ABC. She has worked in Radio Nacional de España, the Cadena COPE and Televisión Española. She was a host in the program Centros de Poder together with Julia Navarro, and she was also a collaborator in Los Desayunos de TVE. 

She has specialized in political information, and she has collaborated in several publications.



Pilar Cernuda has published over a dozen books. In You Know Nothing About Me (No sabes nada de mí) she gives visibility to the figure of the woman in the world of espionage. The author went into the CNI (Spanish Intelligence Agency) to talk to the main characters of her book, with the goal of giving a voice to all those women, from the ground-breaking to the current ones, whose love for the security of their country made them face countless dangers, and whose work was never recognized.