You Know Nothing About Me (No sabes nada de mí)

Who are the Spanish female spies?

Their identities were never revealed, but their work was key to solving some of the juiciest and darkest cases of the Spanish 20th century. From spies involved in cases of ETA (Basque armed separatist organization) to those more recent ones who have investigated Jihadism in Spain, Cernuda ventures in a series of testimonies told by the protagonists themselves.

These are stories about a great number of women who were involved in risky operations and in counterespionage, trained expressly to preserve their anonymity and to look into the foundation of the terrorist groups that have keep the whole nation on edge for decades.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The acclaimed Spanish journalist, Pilar Cernuda, stands for the visibility of women in an environment usually dominated by males. The author, specialized in politics and with more than twenty works published, went into the CNI (Spanish Intelligence Agency) to interview the protagonists of You Know Nothing About Me (No sabes nada de mí). Her goal was to give a voice to all those women, from the ground-breaking to the current ones, whose love for the security of their country made them face countless dangers, and whose work was never recognized.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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