Rafael Dumett

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Rafael Dumett.

Rafael Dumett was born in Lima. He studied Linguistics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and theater at the Teatro de la Universidad Católica. He also studied theater at the Sorbonne, Paris. He has written numerous plays and with El spy del inca he began his career in literature. He currently lives in San Francisco.



Rafael Dumett is a renowned playwright, novelist and screenwriter of feature films and documentaries. He has a long career as a playwright and has been awarded the Both British Theater Award.

The Spy of the Inca is the result of a laborious 10-year work of documentation and research on one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of Peru.

His literary debut has become a media phenomenon in contemporary Latin American literature, becoming a bestseller in Peru four years after its first edition.


What the criticism says about the author and his work:

“Rafael Dumett majestically enhances espionage by tying together one of the most admirable historical novels of Peruvian and, in general, Latin American literature.” Ricardo González Vigil

“There are few texts that correctly reflect the historical recreation of a town or a culture and that, in addition, end up being considered one of the best novels in their country.” Infobae

The Spy of the Inca is a best-seller in Peru.” BBCNews

“Rafael Dumett says that in Peru there is a need for the people to try to understand a specific moment in their past and that outside of Lima, its capital, people wondered about their identity and their origins.” La Jornada