The inca Spy (El espía del inca)

One of the most famous rescues in history.

Peru, 16th century. Strange, bearded, strong-smelling men, covered in hard metals that prevent arrows from penetrating their skin and equipped with unknown lethal weapons that cause damage similar to that of a lightning bolt, have arrived in Cajamarca on giant llamas and have captured the all-powerful Inca Atahualpa.

General Cusi Yupanqui summons the former spy of the secret service of the Inca empire, Yunpacha, a son of Chanca peasants who had access to a privileged education in Cuzco for his ability to count figures at an extraordinary speed and the best person for this plan. The General tells him that his last mission will be to become a spy disguised as a “collector of remains” so as not to arouse suspicion. He must find out about the Spaniards and prepare an attack to free the Inca Atahualpa.


RELEVANT DATA: The Inca’s Spy (El Espía del Inca) is the result of 10 years of crucial documentation and research on one of the most dramatic episodes in Peruvian history.

Rafael Dumett is a renowned Peruvian playwright, novelist and screenwriter of feature films and documentaries.

The Inca’s Spy (El Espía del Inca) is a mass media phenomenon of contemporary Latin American literature, which became a bestseller in Peru four years after its first edition.


What the critics say:

“Rafael Dumett majestically enhances espionage by crafting one of the most admirable historical novels in Peruvian and, in general, Latin American literature.” Ricardo González Vigil

“There are few texts that correctly reflect the historical recreation of a people or a culture and that, in addition, end up being considered as one of the best novels in their country.” Infobae

“The Inca’s Spy (El Espía del Inca) is a bestseller in Peru.” BBC News

“Rafael Dumett explains that in Peru there is a need of the people to try to understand a specific moment of their past and that outside Lima, their capital, people wondered about their identity and origins.” La Jornada


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format.


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