Raúl Guerra Garrido

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Raúl Guerra Garrido was born in Madrid, where he studied and became a PhD in Pharmacy. When he was 25 years old he moved to the Basque Country,  where he published Cacereño, his most well-known work.

Throughout his long literary career, he has stood out in different format, like essay, novel and short story, as well as in several genres, like drama, noir and popular science.

Guerra Garrido worked as a screenwriter in the audiovisual adaptation of his own novel La mar es mala mujer.

Guerra Garrido is also known for his excellent work as a pharmacist, for which he was awarded with the Premio Farmacéutico del Año del Gobierno de España.



Guerra Garrido has been recognized with several awards throughout his literary career: the Premio Nadal de Novela, the Premio Nacional de las Letras Españolas, or the Medalla al Mérito Constitucional given by the Government of España.

He has been awarded with many other prestigious awards like the Premio Rodolfo Walsh de Novela Negra, the Premio Fernando Quiñones, or the Premio Ciudad de Oviedo. He was also a finalist of the Premio Planeta.