Rodrigo Muñoz Avia

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Rodrigo Muñoz Avia is a Spanish writer, screenwriter and playwright. He holds a degree in Physics from the Complutense University of Madrid and studied at the School of Letters in Madrid.

As a screenwriter, he has co-written the successful comedies Rewind and Animales de compañía. He is also a columnist for various publications, such as the cultural supplement of the ABC newspaper.



Rodrigo Muñoz Avia is the author of The Perfectionists (Los Perfectos), a best-seller and winner of the prestigious Edebé Award for Children’s Literature that has sold more than 45,000 copies.

Muñoz Avia has won this award three times and his works have been translated into a dozen languages. He has also received the Jaén Award for Young Adult Literature, the “Leer es Vivir” Award from Editorial Everest, second place at the Pilar Miró Awards for Screenwriting, the “Atrapallibres” Award for Children’s Literature, the SGAE Award for Children’s Theater, the Bois Fleuri Award from the Villa de Lormont, and the Prix des enfants de la Ville de Châteauroux Award.


What the critics have said:

“Rodrigo Muñoz Avia has managed to maintain an agile and amusing tone in his story, always giving the impression that the speaker is really a child (an admirable achievement, which not all the representatives of this genre manage to achieve) and keeping the readers’ attention without ups and downs and without blind spots.” Amazon