The Perfectionists (Los perfectos)

A perfectly imperfect family.

Every family in the world has its flaws… except Alex’s. His father, Pe, is a theoretical physicist, with a well-valued job at a prestigious university. His mother, Zeta, is an interior designer and works for a major decorating magazine. Both are successful in their professional careers and they have worked their entire lives to instill that same spirit of perfection that they emanate in their children. In fact, Alex’s older sisters are already following in their footsteps: they are beautiful, friendly, polite, and have straight A’s in every class. Ultimately, everyone in the family has taken on that role of perfection. Everyone loves being tidy and at peace; everyone maintains ideal habits like refusing to smoke and eating healthy foods. They even avoid any type of argument, as they believe that everything can be solved through communication. Everyone except for Alex, of course, the eleven-year-old who is extremely overwhelmed by this standard of perfection he feels obliged to follow.

However, he knows there is more than meets the eye- there has to be-and he is determined to uncover some kind of defect in his household, regardless of what it is: someone picking their nose or slurping their soup. Something… anything that will allow him to see that he is surrounded by actual human beings and not robots.

For this tricky task he relies on the help of his best friend, Rafa Panocha, who comes from a family that is the complete polar opposite of his: they are spontaneous, crazy, noisy, chaotic, and addicted to eating junk food. Rafa is the one who suggests that Alex should spy on his family.

After some digging, Alex begins to uncover many family secrets,  and truthfully, he uncovers way more than he would’ve liked. His family is definitely not as perfect as he thought because it turns out that his father was fired from the university and no one knew about it, and he catches his mother smoking, the president of an anti-smoking club! The hypocrisy! To top it all off, he discovers that his two sisters were caught cheating on a test.

Despite this, Alex decides to take matters into his own hands and helps his family through their hardships. Thanks to this, his family will soon discover that real openness and dialogue help in facing conflicts, and that perfection is not always possible, nor ideal. They all end up confessing and agreeing that from that moment on, they will no longer maintain the strict standard of absolute perfection that plagued their lives. The friendship between Alex and Rafa’s family flourish, even though they are worlds apart, and both will bask in this perfectly imperfect friendship.


RELEVANT DATA: With more than 45,000 copies sold, The Perfectionists (Los Perfectos), recipient of the Edebé Award for Children’s Literature, is a best-selling and award-winning novel. Its author, Rodrigo Muñoz Avia, has won this prestigious award three separate times and his works, which have all been a total success among the critics, have been translated into a dozen languages. He has also received the Jaén Award for Young Adult Literature, the “Leer es Vivir” Award from Everest Publishing House, the second place for the Pilar Miró Award for screenwriting, the “Atrapallibres” Award for Children’s Literature, the SGAE Award for Children’s Theater, the Bois Fleuri Award from the Villa de Lormont, and the Prix des enfants de la Ville de Châteauroux Award.

Rodrigo Muñoz is also a successful playwright, a columnist for publications such as the ABC newspaper, and a screenwriter. He wrote the successful Spanish comedy films Rewind and Animales de compañía.


What the critics have said:

“Rodrigo Muñoz Avia has managed to maintain an agile and amusing tone in his story, always giving the impression that the speaker is really a child (an admirable achievement, which not all the writers of this genre achieve) and keeping the readers’ attention without fluctuations.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Basque, Catalan, Galician.

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