Santiago Roncagliolo

Scenic Rights is the audiovisual co-agency of Santiago Roncagliolo

Santiago Roncagliolo, author, journalist and scriptwriter, is one of the most prestigious writers in the current Latin American literary landscape.

Before focusing on his literary career, the Peruvian worked in several occasions as a scriptwriter in successful TV productions in Spain and Peru, such as Lucecita, Sarita Colonia and Amor serrano. After graduating in Literature, he studied a Masters Degree on Film Scriptwriting.

Most recently, Roncagliolo has worked as the creator and production consultant of El túnel (The Tunnel), a TV series for Tondero Productions. He has also written the script of La pena máxima (i.e. The Maximum Penalty), a film based on his homonymous novel, and created a TV series project based on other of his notorious narratives: Red April. Pudor, another novel he wrote, was also turned into a film, which was nominated to the Biznaga de Oro in the Malaga Film Festival.

Regarding his literary career, Roncagliolo is a real master concerning thriller stories and black humour, generally based on rigorous historical researches. He has also written children’s books, which have been highly appraised in different awards ceremonies.

As a journalist, he wrote a trilogy based on real events that took place in Latin America during the 20th century: La cuarta espada (The Fourth Sword), El amante uruguayo (The Uruguayan Lover) and Memorias de una dama (A Dame’s Memoirs), considered to be “the latest censored trilogy in Latin America”. Furthermore, he compiled all his chronicles on cinema and spectacles in El material de los sueños, one of the main Peruvian bestselling books nowadays.



The works by Roncagliolo have been highly acclaimed by the most exquisite critics, and have been translated into more than 10 languages. He is currently considered to be a referent in the contemporary Latin American literature.

Among the many awards he has been given for his literary career, one can find the Alfaguara Award (the youngest author  to ever win the award), the White Raven Prize, the Carabela de Plata, one Independent Foreign Fiction Prize to the Best Translated Novel, and the El Barco de Vapor Award of Children’s Literature.