Your Friends Would Never Hurt You (Tus amigos nunca te harían daño) (Film)

Do you know who your real friends are?

Do you show yourself as you truly are?

Mario meets with his friends for one last time. The very next morning he will leave for the seminary, as he plans to dedicate himself to being a priest. It is his last night to enjoy his former life, but it will be a memorable meeting for all involved, as a troubling truth will be revealed.

He thought he knew the people he had gathered, since they are his best friends: the womanizer Toto, the flirtatious Claudia, the shy Mariana and the apparently dysfunctional couple formed by Beatriz and Alejandro. But revelations are not long in coming. During the party, Mario is thrown by temptation when he manages to drug the future seminarian. The seemingly sweet Mariana is far from it – she is conniving and a little lustful. Toto turns out to be the most consistent and honorable. Mario will also find out that he is the father of the child that one of the friends of the group is expecting.

This puts a strain on the group’s friendship in the midst of debauchery, alcohol and drugs.


RELEVANT DATA: Your Friends Would Never Hurt You (Tus amigos nunca te harían daño) talks about friendship, career, human relationships, drugs and sex; themes that are put into play with humor and frankness. It has become a contemporary classic of Spanish playwriting.

Santiago Roncagliolo’s works have been widely acclaimed by the most exquisite critics and have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Today, Roncagliolo is considered a true reference in contemporary Latin American literature.

Among the many awards he has received for his literary career are the Alfaguara Award, the White Raven Award, the Carabela de Plata Award, the Independent Foreign Fiction Award in London for Best Translated Novel, and the El Barco de Vapor Award for Children’s Literature.

Roncagliolo has been creator and consulting producer of the television series El túnel, for Tondero production company. He also wrote the screenplay for La pena máxima, a feature film based on his homonymous novel. Another of his novels, Pudor, was taken to the big screen and nominated for the Golden Biznaga at the Malaga Festival.

Regarding his literary career, Roncagliolo stands out for his novels full of suspense and dark humor, often based on rigorous historical research. He is also the author of children’s books, which have received several awards and great critical acclaim.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for Film.