Pierced by the Sun (A Lupita le gustaba planchar) (Serie TV)

Surviving will be their mission.

Lupita is an anti-heroine unlike any other. She is a policewoman, not blessed with good looks. Her troubled past, marked by alcoholism and abuse, has turned her into a survivor in a world where appearances, money and power all reign. In her search for love, she finds herself randomly involved in the murder of a politician and she must unravel everything behind this crime, putting her own life in danger.

Lupita endures a tough life in a society marked by centuries of injustice in which power, appearances, money prevail and there seems to be no way out. A fascinating parable of this world in crisis, where many of us are like Lupita, looking for something to protect us from heartache.

Lupita will have her life turned upside down again the night when licenciado Larreaga, her protégé, was murdered on her watch. Everything happened in the blink of an eye; two men greeting each other and then a pool of blood – that’s all she can remember.

She is the only witness but, paralyzed with fear, she is not able to remember who was the murderer. Devastated by the death of someone she considered honest and moral, she will take the law into her own hands to solve this crime, struggling to bypass the hidden agenda of some corrupt politicians and local drug dealers.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: In this novel, solving the mysterious crime that Lupita intends to investigate is the least important thing. What is most interesting is to meet this policewoman obese, alcoholic and drug addict, a real anti-hero, who moves in Mexico in an environment of corruption, drug trafficking, power and alcohol.

Laura Esquivel is one of the most read Mexican writers in the world, author of Like Water for Chocolate among other great bestsellers.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Bulgarian.