Laura Esquivel

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Laura Esquivel is widely known for being the author of Like Water for Chocolate, a book that was extremely successful and that was adapted to film, becoming a box office hit in the United States. She studied Theater and Drama at the Center for Dramatic Arts (CADAC), specializing in Children´s Theater. She wrote many children shows for Mexican television and both funded and directed the Center for Promotion of Invention, made up of artistic workshops for kids.



Laura Esquivel´s works have been translated to more than 30 languages and have been adapted to film. In the United States, she has sold millions of copies and has been on the top best-selling lists for years. Her most famous work Like Water for Chocolate won 10 distinctions at the Ariel Awards, given by the Mexican Academy for Cinematographic Arts and Science.

Esquivel was also the first foreign writer to receive the ABBY Award, along with other awards such as the Guissepe Acerbi Award, thanks to her novel Malinche, and the award for the best audio book in Spanish, granted by the Association of Audio Editors.