Swift as Desire (Tan veloz como el deseo) (TV Series)

A peculiar man who, when he was born, laughed instead of crying. And left this world in the same way.

Through Lluvia’s perspective, we get to know her father’s life. Júbilo is now on his deathbed and unable to speak. During his childhood, a few years after the Mexican Revolution, he became an interpreter between his Spanish mother and his Mayan grandmother, whose cultural differences and different personalities separated them and made them fight all the time.

From that moment onwards, Júbilo discovers the immense power of communication, and guided by a desire for translating and decoding the feelings of others, he becomes a telegraphist. The power of words is as strong as desire’s.

Thanks to his ability to promote communication and clear up misunderstandings, Júbilo realized that, by adding, removing or changing some words in a message, he was able to improve their content. As if by magic, he managed to fix every conflict and make everything ends peacefully. However, his skills as a telegraphist started to lose importance as the new technology appears: the creation of the telephone makes Júbilo lose his happiness. Eventually, the telephone replaced the telegraph for good, and Don Júbilo spent his last days sick and at home. From there, he tells his daughter endless beautiful tales and narrates different stories about people who, thanks to his work as a mediator, found love or spiritual peace. But also the story of how, despite his skills, he was never able to communicate honestly with one particular person: his wife.


RELEVANT DATA: Laura Esquivel is an awarded author, scriptwriter and politician, who is worldwide known for her work Like Water for Chocolate, a super bestseller. This work was translated to more than 30 languages, and its adaptation became the 9th box-office earner foreign movie in the US. Esquivel herself was the screenwriter of the film.

On the other hand, Swift as Desire topped the bestseller charts after its publication and has been translated into more than 10 languages.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian, Croatian, Rumanian, Italian, Persian, Greek, French, Russian, Chinese.