A Mexican in Every Child (Un mexicano en cada hijo te dio)

Beautiful and beloved Mexico is what it is today thanks to figures from its history.

There are illustrious figures who have somethingor everythingto do with what is “Mexicanness” todayoften relegated to the shadows of oblivionBeyond the official history, a group of Mexicans throughout history have had the chance to influence, for better or worse, the life and culture of the country, but whom disdain has erased from memory. Heroes of flesh and blood, villians or stars that shined to be suddenly dimmed.

Figures such as Isabel Moctezuma: the last Aztec princess; Jesús García Corona, the hero of Nacozari; Gilberto Bosques, “the Mexican Schindler”; Tezozomoc, the terrible chief of Tacuba; Lorenzillo, the terror of the seas of Campeche; JesúMalverde, the saint of the narcos; Hilda Krüger, the Nazi spy who was also the mistress of a Mexican president; María Sabina, the enchantress of mushrooms; Jamaicón Villegas, with his nostalgia for his homeland; or Guillermo González Camarena, inventor of color TV, among many other Mexicans of great honor, dishonor and brilliance. A Mexican in Every Child (Un mexicano en cada hijo te dio) is a collection of more than 40 fascinating lives of not so emblematic characters that have been an important part of the country’s history, from the Reform and the Revolutionary Period to modern Mexico.


RELEVANT DATA: A Mexican in Every Child (Un mexicano en cada hijo te dio) is an investigation about the “lost heroes” of Mexican history. It took about 10 years of documentation and information gathering. Each of the chapters focuses on a historical character, each illustrated by a comic artist. Some of the famous artists and writers gathered in this book are: Bachan, Bernadro Fernandez, Patricio Betteo, Micro, Sergio Tapia, and Edgar Clement, among others.

Its author, F. G. Haghenbeck, was considered “the genius of the Mexican crime novel”, and one of the youngest authors to cause a revolution in the national literary panorama. He was one of the most important contemporary Mexican authors of the last generations, writing a multitude of international bestsellers translated into some twenty languages.

The author received the National Una Vuelta de Tuerca Novel Award, the Nocte Award for Best Foreign Novel, the Gourmand Award in France –becoming the first Latin American author to receive this distinction–, the José Rubén Romero Fine Arts Award for Novels, the LIG Norma Award, and the Bram Stoker Award for his novel El diablo me obligó, adapted into a highly successful series by Netflix titled El Diablero.


What the critics have said:

A Mexican in Every Child (Un mexicano en cada hijo te dio) manages to give us the deepest essence of our distinctiveness, of our brilliance, of our playfulness; we have deep ethnic and cultural roots.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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