F.G. Haghenbeck

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Francisco Gerardo Haghenbeck is a novelist, short story writer and graphic novel author. He studied architecture at the University La Salle in Mexico City and started working in museums. He was also a writer and producer for the company Televisivo.  Finally, he dedicated himself to writing and editing graphic novels before becoming one of the most important authors of his generation. Many of his publications deal with themes such as the Mexican war of independence and national hero’s within the science Fiction and noir genre. He is one of the youngest authors to cause such a dramatic revolution within the national literary scene, with truly original and risky stories that have won the approval of both the critics and the public.



F.G. Haghenbeck is an international best-selling author whose works have been translated to more than 20 languages, such as German, English and Chinese, among others.

The author has received the Nacional de Novela ¨Una Vuelta de Tuerca¨ Award, the Nocte Award for Best Foreign Book, the Gourmand Award in France (thus becoming the irst Latin American author to receive this distinction), the Bellas Artes de Novela Jose Ruben Romero Award, the LIJ Norma Award and the Bram Stoker Award for a novel adapted to Netflix’s  TV show “El Diablero”.

He was both a co-author and co-creator of Crimson from Wildstorm/Time Warner, the comic book collection. He is the only Mexican who has written a Spanish version of Superman for DC Comics Time Warner.