Almost a Goddess (Casi diosa) (TV Series)

A teenager like any other, but with a gift only the powerful Goddess of Death could have given her.

Celeste is an insecure teenager who does not want to stand out. However, one morning, her life changes radically when she realizes she has super powers: on her way to school, she runs into an animal and discovers she can kill it and bring it back to life with her own mind. Scared of this new power, she keeps it a secret hoping everything will go back to normal. That is until one day, when she finds out she can communicate with her alarm clock and when she looks in the mirror, she discovers she looks like the Day of the Dead skull. She decides to tell her friend Rafaello, her main support system at school. Although her new powers are great, they also come with an important drawback: the principal, a vile man capable of killing innocent girls, wants her powers for himself.

Although she gives her best effort in continuing to live her life as normal as possible, things get out of hand when she argues with a classmate, her greatest enemy Vicky, also known as La Fantita, in front of the whole school. During the debacle, she accidentally kills someone. Now, not only is she coping with the fact that she now has strange powers but, also, her classmates and the security cameras have just witnessed what she is capable of doing.

With the help of her best friend and her alarm clock, she sets out on a journey in search of her identity and her family origin. More importantly, how and why she has these special powers. Celeste is no longer the insecure fly on the wall, fatally destined to hate and isolate herself by knowing she has special powers. She is told she is the daughter of a powerful goddess – the Goddess of Death.

Celeste will have to figure out how to use her powers and learn the difference between good and bad with these powers… without forgetting she is just a teenager.


RELEVANT DATA: Haghenbeck, “the noir novel genius”, is one of the youngest authors to cause a revolution in the Mexican literary world, writing international bestsellers that have been translated in more than twenty languages. He is the founder of the Mexican comic book publishing house Costal de Huesos.

He is the recipient of many awards including the Nacional de Novela ¨Una Vuelta de Tuerca¨ Award and the Nocte Award for Best Foreign Book. He has also been awarded the Gourmand Award in France (thus becoming the first Latin American author to receive this distinction); the Bellas Artes de Novela Jose Ruben Romero Award, the LIJ Norma Award and the Bram Stoker Award for a novel adapted to Netflix´s  TV show El Diablero.


What the critics have said:

“A young adult novel, with an enveloping narrative, where the elements of fantasy are mixed with everyday situations.” Dulce Readings (Literary blog)


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: Feature film, TV series.