Dying by killing (Morir Matando) (TV Series)

A terrible massacre leaves a girl orphaned and a violent hitman becomes her protector.

The media called it “the Piñata Massacre.” On August 13, 2018, gunmen devastated a children’s party for the Mexican upper class, leaving 19 dead and 7 injured. According to the official investigation, all family members were killed. However, the facts do not add up, as there is a survivor: Renata de la Colina, the ten-year-old birthday girl, now an orphan.

Damián Ross, better known as El Lobo, is a cold-blooded hitman who seems to have nothing to do with the massacre when one day, shortly after the tragedy, he is commissioned to take care of Renata and avenge her family. Lobo, in an attempt to ensure the integrity of the girl, will begin a flight towards the border with the United States.

Thus begins the joint journey of a hitman and a ten-year-old girl through a violent and corrupt country that will cross paths with murderers, unscrupulous businessmen, money launderers, corrupt officials and complicit journalists who will try to break Lobo’s strength and the Renata’s innocence.


RELEVANT FACTS: Dying by killing, based on a real case, is a posthumous work by F.G. Haghenbeck, one of the most established authors of Mexican literature. Haghenbeck, “the genius of the black novel”, is considered one of the youngest authors to cause a revolution in the Mexican literary scene, writing several international bestsellers translated into twenty languages. He founded the Mexican comic book publisher Costal de Huesos.

During his literary career, Haghenbeck received prizes and distinctions such as finalist at the International Latino Book Awards and winner of the Gourmand Prize in France, making him the first Latin American writer to receive this distinction. He is also the winner of the Nocte Award for Best Foreign Book, the José Rubén Romero Novel Fine Arts Award, the LIJ Norma Award, and the Bram Stoker Award for his work El diablo obligo me, which has been adapted into the hit Netflix series The Devil.


They have said about him:

“Haghenbeck was always the most gifted of our novelists at creating action stories. In Morir Matando, with enviable speed and rhythm, he also explores various facets of love and carries out an incisive social and political criticism, to the point of configuring a hyper-realistic portrait of violence in our country”. Eduardo Antonio Parra

“This is an atypical novel about corruption and the loss of innocence.” Pablo Martinez

“A novel whose narration resembles situations of current violence in Mexico and the intricate tentacles that corrupt from the lowest social strata to the highest political and business spheres.” Droide TV


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