A Saga of the Ancient Family (La saga de los Longevos)

The immortal collection | The sons of Adam

When you live 10,000 years, the past always comes back.

Adriana, a young prehistorian, returns to her hometown in northern Spain to work and clarify the strange suicide of her mother, which occurred fifteen years ago.

Upon arrival, Adriana falls in love with Iago, the archaeologist who hired her, who she soon discovers is over 10,000 years old. Iago and his family are the so-called “long-lived”, a group of people who do not age beyond three decades thanks to a genetic mutation with no known and hereditary causes. They are not mythological beings, and it is not known why this characteristic has been transmitted so few times in history.

Iago is dragged, against his will, into directing genetic research by his brothers. Nagorn o -a conflictual patron of almost 3,000 years- and Lyra -a fleeing Celtic of 2,500 years- are tired of burying their ephemeral families for centuries. So identifying this rare mutation and having long-lived children becomes almost an obsession.

The main plot of the novel follows the relationship between the investigation of Iago and his long-lived family, and that of Adriana and the death of her mother. Throughout the story, episodes from ancient times are shown through the memories of the characters; such as, for example, the death of Gunnar, Iago’s son, in a battle in the 15th century, and Iago’s own addiction to various substances as a result of the loss.

In The Sons of Adam, Iago and Adriana’s story continues smoothly until the unexpected return of Gunnar, the son Iago believed to be dead. Gunnar’s irruption will cause Iago to face other characters from his past.

The story is divided into several timelines that show how the long-lived have been hunted for centuries. The persecution of the long-lived “sons of Adam” in the middle of the Upper Paleolithic; Gunnar’s life in Denmark in AD 800 as a member of a legendary group of Viking mercenaries; the trip of other members on the Mayflower in 1620 to the coast of Massachusetts to build the Plymouth Colony, etc.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: A saga of the Ancient family was originally self-published by the author, Eva García Sáenz de Urturi, and was such a sales phenomenon that it ended up being published by a publisher. The saga consists of two parts (The Immortal Collection and The Sons of Adam), and readers have been asking for the third book for years.

Eva García Sáenz de Urturi, winner of the Premio Planeta with her novel Aquitania, is one of the best-selling and most acclaimed authors on the contemporary Spanish scene. Her works have sold millions of copies and have been translated into more than twenty languages in more than forty countries.


What the critics say:

“An addictive and very original book, that you should not miss, with a very, very attractive cocktail of history, science, art, archaeology, jealousy and love, which hooks us from the first page to the last, and provokes us the anxiety that comes from having to wait to continue getting to know this peculiar family”. The Montse Library blog.

“A perfectly documented novel, with a wealth of detail in all aspects that makes it difficult to divert attention. A novel with elegant and fresh language.” Blog Y que iba yo a contar.

“This novel has the ability to absorb you like few books I’ve read. It’s impossible to put down once you read the first lines.” Amazon.co.uk


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

AVAILABLE LANGUAGES: Spanish and English.

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