Aurelia Villaba: Family Attorney (Aurelia Villalba: Abogada de familia)

Not everything that is said is true, but EVERYTHING is true…

Aurelia Villalba always thought He thought he would be a professional athlete, but ended up becoming a lawyer specializing in family law. She is content to go up and down, every morning, the 9 floors of her building for 30 minutes. She is very attractive, she is She is single and has a son, Ramón, the result of a crazy night with a former tennis player. Due to the lack of time to balance work life with family life, Ramón has lived with her father practically since he was born, but Aurelia is responsible for paying his support.

Aurelia never knew to her mother, and her father, Alfredo, tells her, with less and less conviction, that she died during the delivery. She doesn’t smoke or drink and she doesn’t know how to cook either. She does not have WhatsApp or Facebook, the only social network she uses is to have sporadic sexual encounters with anonymous men. She is one of the best lawyers in the city, her name is an institution in the sector and there is no case for her to resist him. She has her own office, in which an eclectic group of her always works at her or her orders. Among them, she is & aacute; Aurelia’s father, a man who has very few scruples about investigating any subject and getting information from under the stones.

Throughout the story, Aurelia solves different cases, such as that of a transsexual woman who faces rejection from her daughters; or a father capable of anything to prevent her daughter from marrying her fiancé; or that of a 25-year-old young woman claiming paternity of a powerful businessman in the city. After solving the last case, Aurelia Villalba receives a call. She is from the police station, where they demand her presence. There, a 19-year-old young man asks you to defend him after being accused of murdering the judge who had turned his life upside down in the divorce trial of his parents. < /P>

Throughout the pages, the protagonist will face to large cases related to paternity lawsuits, shared custody or compensatory pensions. Fun, crazy and fresh stories that show the “jungle” from the world of divorces and their effects.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Luis Zarraluqui is a lawyer and writer.In Aurelia Villalba. Family lawyer, Zarraluqui takes as reference some of the most shocking real cases that she has handled during more than 30 years of practicing the profession, which makes the plot have a great reality component.

Aurelia Villalba. Family Lawyer has great audiovisual potential to be adapted into a TV series. The author has developed enough plot to create continuity and is writing the next two installments of the saga to which it will belong. has the necessary elements to develop new cases. Its protagonist, Aurelia, is a brave woman with a powerful plot arc.


The critics have said:

“The lawyer fictionalizes some notorious cases that he has handled in his law firm, where great fortunes, footballers and even ministers pass… The jet gets divorced in Zarraluqui’s office.” The World.

“A novel that talks about the personal life of a lawyer, life in the office, and cases that mix the professional with the personal” Cope.

“Zarraluqui analyzes the lawyers’ strategies and the psychology of the clients very well.” Amazon


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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