B as in Beauty (TV Series)

Hilarious, weird, moving. All in the same character.

Beauty is a Cuban American girl who works in a successful ad agency. She is attractive, charismatic, lovely and efficient… but she lives with a social stigma that does not allow her to improve in her job, nor in her personal life: she hates her overweight and all of those who judge her. In fact, she prefers to be called “B” instead of her real name.

She belongs to a company where the physical appearance is very important: “Too fat to promote her” she hears her bosses say. Natasha Sokolov, tax accountant by day, and director of a plus-sized “personal comforters” agency by night, cannot help her lose weight nor promote her. However, she manages to change B and make her feel beauty and desirable.

The girl starts dating successful men of singular tastes. Among them, B meets Simon, an insomniac who can only sleep when she is sit next to him. This could mean true love or a complete disaster.

B, with her same old curves and a new attitude, manages to empower herself and use it as a weapon that makes her feel confident and stable. In fact, this is so that she becomes successful at work and starts planning a vengeance against her bosses.


THEMES: Beauty, Insecurity, Complexes, Feminism, Overcoming, Empowerment, Love, Sex, Fetishism, Humour, United States, Advertising Industry.

GENRE: Dramedy, Romantic.


RELEVANT DATA: B as in Beauty won the International Latino Book Award and was considered Top Novel in the sales lists. Additionally, the novel has been edited in Spain, Italy and the United States.

Worldwide known press such as Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and Daily Sound have included whole sections on their publications about B as Beauty.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV Series format. 

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish and English.