Blanca in the outside and Rosa in the inside

Blanca is a feisty woman who bases her marriage with Ramón on fighting and throwing to each other everything at hand. One day comes to their house Héctor, Rosa’s husband, who was Blanca’s good-natured sister and died in a rail accident, to announce he is leaving for Patagonia. Ramiro, fed up with his wife, offers himself to go with him, and Blanca wants to go to Algeciras with her maids. They all happen to be in the same train and as they are fighting, the train derails. Due to the accident, Blanca’s personality is transformed, adopting her dead sister’s character, an uncanny goodness. Ramiro is delighted with the change but when Héctor makes him see that the new Blanca will end up falling for him and abandon Ramiro, he decides to look for a remedy. Thus, with the counselling of Doctors Fonseca and Pallejá, they “relive” the accident, this time in their home, and thanks to that, Blanca becomes as insufferable as always. 


THEMES: Marriage, Love Triangle, Impossible Love, Travel, Siblings, Friendship

GENRE: Dramedy


RELEVANT FACTS: Its fame resulted in the movie of same title, directed by Pedro Lazaga (1971). As well as Blanca’s figure, a beautiful young woman with a terrible personality, we must spotlight characters like Mónica, a maid who loses and regains her memory every time she has brusque emotions, and Doctor Fonseca, a tiresome but charming doctor. The accident represents a highly dramatic twist.

Jardiel Poncela is one of the most important authors of the twentieth century despite his short life, winner of the most prestigious decorations for dramaturgy and literature written in Spanish. His works continue today on the most important theaters in Europe and Latin America, his novels continue to be reprinted in many countries and have been taken to cinema with great success.



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