Better dead than basic.

Helena Cortez is a living legend in the world of fashion. She has been editor-in-chief of Couture, the most influential magazine of its kind, for 20 years.

But the world had changed and now what matters is not effort or experience, but the number of likes, engagement, and followers that you have on social media. That why Helena’s boss and former lover gives her position to Claudine, a spoiled and foolish influencer who rubs shoulders with the top celebrities.

Lorna Lira, Helena’s best friend, has suffered the same fate and has also been fired. After several drinks and many tears, both women come up with a better plan than being depressed: they decide to reinvent themselves and start a new magazine of their own, which they name Étui, to turn fashion journalism upside down.

Étui attracts the most refined public, but it is their column “Bloggerfucker” that attracts the most attention.

With elegance and an acid touch, Helena and Lorna will profile the industry’s top bloggers, exposing their mistakes and lack of professionalism.

The first to be criticized is Esteban, who is killed shortly after the article is published in a terrible accident, after a huge H&M sign falls on him. One by one, the other influencers mentioned in “Bloggerfucker” will face the same fate – some die, others disappear, and others end up in hospital. But these accidents don’t seem like a coincidence. It seems like Helena and Lorna have become the messengers of death.

Juan Galeana, a police officer, and Victoria Zavala, a journalist, will both investigate the cases individually, and they realize there are many suspects, starting with the Étui editors and continuing with all the people in the fashion industry, who would not hesitate to get rid of their rivals. In a world where few people can be trusted, how do you know if you trust the right one?


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Bloggerfucker is a story that takes place in the fashion industry, a very cinematographic and visual universe that resembles other commercially successful productions such as The Devil Wears Prada or Ugly Betty. Bloggerfucker has elements of romantinc office dramedy, but evolves into a thriller, who’s protagonist is a middle-aged woman, whose carefully planned life changes overnight.

Bloggerfucker’s author, Antonio González de Cosío, was a judge and artistic director of Mexico’s Next Top Model. He is the fashion director of Infashion magazine and has been a fashion editor for Marie Claire, a columnist and contributor for Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Esquire. He currently lives in Switzerland, where he works as a fashion consultant, collaborates with diverse magazines, and works on his new literary projects.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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