Bodies and Souls Saga (Bilogía Cuerpos y Almas)

If you could choose any body, who would you be tonight?

Electra wears a red wig and knows how to attract everyone’s attention with her latex clothes and her obsession with BDSM. Her nights are measured by orgasms and the wildest parties. Laura has blonde hair and only drinks expensive champagne. Minerva is not afraid of anything; she needs to live life on the edge at all times. Ruth, however, lives in constant fear, hidden behind these three disguises, these three bodies, which each take her to another reality.

Ruth is a frustrated actress in her thirties who finds herself in a real emotional hell. She lacks self-esteem and is struggling due to her mother’s illness. Most days, she feels like a bag of bones, misunderstood and worthless. All in all, Ruth has an overwhelming desire to flee from her own existence.

When her life comes down to nothing, when she feels there is nothing left to hold on to, she decides to try on wigs. This begins her fun little game: ceasing to be herself and becoming someone else at night. Ruth takes refuge in Electra, Laura and Minerva, three characters she has invented, each with different personalities, who will bring her through different experiences and who will take her momentarily out of her hell as Ruth to enter headfirst into others.

Amidst sex, clubs, drugs, and parties, she manages to deceive herself and really seems to inhabit three different bodies, forgetting her own along the way. Because to find herself, she must first lose herself.

In the crazy nights of her dress-up game, a stranger with round glasses appears and disappears as if by magic. In those early mornings of white powder and love pills, she always ends up bumping into him. One night, the stranger hands Ruth an enigmatic manuscript. Among its pages, Ruth, in what seems to be the most disconcerting moment of her life, will find a thread to pull on to unravel her tangle of disguises and lies. Along her emotional journey, she discovers that we are much more than just a body; we are humans, and we are souls.


RELEVANT DATA: The Bodies and Souls Saga explores important themes such as loss, self-acceptance, and the journey of self-discovery through sexuality.

Its author, Noemí Casquet, is a journalist specialized in sexuality who has revolutionized the Spanish sexual panorama thanks to her YouTube and Instagram accounts. She has participated in the most watched TV shows in Spain such as La Resistencia, which became trending topic for a week after her interview.  She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and her Youtube channel has become a reference in sexuality, feminism, and unconventional interpersonal relationships. Her style of communication, natural and relatable, and the topics she deals with are key to her success.  Her latest trilogy, Free Women (Mujeres libres), has sold more than 150,000 copies and has been positioned for weeks among the top 10 bestsellers.


What the critics have said:

“I must thank Noemí Casquet for writing such a raw and real plot. She is, without a doubt, a master at creating characters that provoke mixed feelings in the reader.” Goodreads

“You connect with Ruth’s reality in a very direct way, so much so that certain scenes remind you of your experiences and sensations. […] There are little details about spirituality, gender, sexism, etc. I found that critical, and even reinventive, tone to be very necessary and accurate.” Amazon

“More than one passage leaves you with a bittersweet taste, a strange feeling of being overwhelmed to accompany Ruth in her transformation and what happens to her. It’s interesting how it makes you feel part of her story and spy on her through a little window.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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