Noemí Casquet

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Noemí Casquet is a Spanish journalist specialized in sexuality and traveling. She is the author of the famous Liberated Women trilogy (trilogía de las Mujeres libres) and the director at Santa Mandanga, one of the most important platforms for conversations about sexuality.

She is an influential activist focused on shattering the structures of social norms. She uses her platform to talk openly about sexuality, the new relationship model in this generation and various other aspects considered taboo by society, like drugs and menstruation, on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

She has single handedly become one of the reference points when it comes to sexuality, feminism and non-conventional relationships. Her style of communication is both intimate and raw, and the themes she tackles are the key to her success. In a little over a year, Noemí has gained a huge international community, with hundreds of thousands of followers.



Noemí Casquet has been a part of some of the most viewed Spanish television programs like La Resistencia, which became a trending topic for a week after her interview and had more than 4.500.000 views.

She has also been interviewd by The Objective, El Español, The Huffington Post, El Mundo, El País, Agencia EFE, and 20 minutos, among others. She is very present on social media, with more than half a million followers between her Instagram page and her YouTube channel.

The Liberated Women trilogy (trilogía de las Mujeres libres) has been one of the literary trends of 2020 and has left no reader indifferent. With more than 30,000 copies sold, it has been positioned for weeks among the top 10 best-selling books.