Saga Liberated Women (Saga Mujeres Libres) (TV Series)

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Are you ready to join the slut club?

Alicia has decided to leave her monotonous life behind and start from scratch in Madrid. She is young, attractive, and earns a good salary as a ghostwriter for one of the influencers of the moment. On his second night in Madrid, in one of the fashionable nightclubs, he meets by chance those who will be his two pillars in life: Diana, a shy and introverted girl who will make him doubt his heterosexuality, and Emily, an Erasmus student. ready to burn down the Madrid night no matter what happens.

An indestructible friendship is forged between the three of them and they found the Vixen Club with the aim of fulfilling all their sexual fantasies; like practicing BDSM, attending a swingers party, having an orgy, or having a real orgasm.

Alicia will have to overcome the ghosts of the past, forget her lifelong boyfriend, and pursue a new project as a “real” author to prove that she was born for literature. Emily will want to forget that boyfriend who, even at a distance from her, makes her existence bitter. And Diana will long to be herself and get away from the conservative norms imposed by a traditional and backward family.

There are three girls, three stories, and the same goal: to be free, find themselves, and enjoy their bodies and their lives. To do this, they will live all kinds of emotional-sexual experiences, they will travel to Ibiza to one of the festivals of the moment, they will meet the most peculiar people, and they will discover that rules are made to be broken.


RELEVANT DATA: The Free Women trilogy has sold more than 30,000 copies and has been among the top 10 best-selling books for weeks.

Noemí Casquet is a journalist specialized in sexuality who, thanks to her YouTube and Instagram accounts, has revolutionized the Spanish sexual panorama. She has participated in the most watched television programs in Spain such as La Resistencia </ em>, which became trending topic </ em> for a week after her interview.

Her YouTube channel has become a reference within sexuality, feminism and unconventional relationships. Her communication style, natural and approachable, and the topics she discusses are key to her success.


What the critics have said:

“A trilogy that promises to set you free, seeks to empower its readers. Casquet manages to destroy the imposed taboos and clichés about female sexuality.” Culturamas

“A different content. It is not the typical erotic novel, but something much deeper.” Amazon

“Noemi Casquet leaves us trembling with this novel.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for TV Series format.