Brujas – Witches (Film)

Old friendships, new betrayals. 

Five old Friends from a boarding school reunite fifteen years after their graduation. Now, they are beautiful thirty-years-old women with good social positions. Three of them are already married, and the other two single ones have managed to have an enviable life on their own: one is a writer, the other a lover of powerful men.

The reunion happens at Elena’s luxurious mansion. She is the wife of a financier. After the first moments of happiness, the memories and the longing of the years spent at the boarding school and the different personalities of the ex-students start becoming noticeable, just like their different ways of viewing life. Carlota, the writer, is a skeptic and sharp in her observations.  Luisa, the high-class prostitute, is cynic, carefree and always optimistic.  

Elena decides to reveal the true reason for the reunion: one of the girls of the group has been having a secret affair with her husband for a year, and she is determined to find out who. Masks start falling until we see the true face of those five women. In an unexpected ending, Elena discovers who is to blame, and it turns out that old friendship brings together the other four.  

RELEVANT INFORMATION: One of the most successful plays of the contemporary landscape, both in Spain and abroad. It premiered in the US, Mexico and Buenos Aires (Argentina). Re-staged under the name of Brujas (Witches) in 2010 and with more than 5 million spectators all over the world.

Moncada has worked as a screenwriter and several of his works have been turned into films. He won the Premio Nacional de Teatro Calderón de la Barca. He was also awarded with the Premio Planeta de Novela.

AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for Film format.


THEMES: Friendship, Adolescence, Bohemian Life, Prostitution, Marriage, Seduction, Infidelity, Homosexuality, Betrayal.

GENRE: Comedy.