Chiruca Bilogy

Chiruca | The Duchess Chiruca

A love between two worlds

Chiruca works as a maid for the important Valdoviño ducal family formed by the Duchess, her oldest son and her grandchild, the youngest of the Valdoviño’s, whose parents died and lives in America. One day, the administrator announces that the family’s wealth is in jeopardy and, facing the imminent ruin, the heir comes back to Spain to meet his grandmother and uncle to try to save the situation. When there seems to be no way out, Chiruca receives an unexpected inheritance from her father and decides to help the Valdoviños. She and thehe young lord fall in love, and after certain mishaps, they discover the trap laid by the administrator. Despite the difficulties, they manage to get married. After the wedding, the second part of the story begins. Chiruca is now a duchess but not everything is pink-colored, she will have to pass several tests and trials before achieving a peaceful life with her duke.


RELEVANT FACTS: Adolfo Torrado got his works adapted to the big screen several times (The Noble Family” is the most recent case and with box office record in Mexico and Latin America). He achieved great success with Chiruca, reaching 1,000 representations, as well as a cinema adaptation by Benito Perojo (1948), and a TV adaptation (in “La Risa Española” from RTVE, 1969).


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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