Adolfo Torrado

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Adolfo Torrado (Galicia, 1904) is a Spanish playwright and screenwriter. His plays, characterized by intrigues, humor, and their sentimental sensationalism, achieved a great success during the thirties and forties. Before turning 50 years old, he had already written 77 plays. The prolific Torrado never stopped receiving great popular acclaim on Spanish post-war stages (both cinema and theatre). The torradismo is a genre, essential to understand the post-Francoist society.

He was awarded the Premio del Sindicato del Espectáculo, in the National Interest category.



Adolfo Torrado’s plays received a great popular acclaim. It is a theatre for the masses, based on melodrama and sentimentality, which touches the most basic human fiber.

A great quantity of his plays has resulted in movies made by very talented filmmakers such as Luis Buñuel’s “The Great Madcap” (Mexico, 1949), and its remake “The Noble Family” by Gary Alazraki (2013), the biggest success in Mexican cinema; likewise, Benito Perojo’s “The children of the night” (Italia, 1940).