Mum Steals Our Boyfriends (Mamá nos quita los novios)(TV Series)

Mrs. Robinson is back and this time she’s staying

This familiar comedy introduces us into the day-to-day life of a peculiar family. Amadora is a widow, very beautiful and mother of three young people, who are already of age of marriage: Julio, Luisa Rosa and Cristina. They are a well-placed family, so the three brothers live their youth fully in the midst of luxury and fun. The only problem is that the suitors of the daughters, who parade around the house, end up getting more enthusiastic about the mother than the young girls. It is a rather recurrent situation that generates all kinds of entanglements and comic situations.


RELEVANT FACTS: This is a great comedy constituted of different plot lines. It was taken to the big screen in Mexico, “Mum steals our boyfriends”, directed by Roberto Rodríguez and starred by Fernando Soler and Blanca de Castejón.

Adolfo Torrado was a playwright and a screenwriter. Many of his stories, characterized by the mess, humor and emotional sensationalism, were taken to cinema by himself or other very important directors, such as Luis Buñuel.