Sabela of Cambados (Sabela de cambados)

Summer break is over and Eduardo, son of the Marquis of Soñeiro, goes back to Santiago de Compostela to resume his studies. Back in his family residence, he is waived goodbye by Sabela, his mother, and Tonucha, an orphan picked up by the family with whom Eduardo has planned to marry once he finishes his studies. Soon after, Eduardo’s father, the Marquis Don Jaime, travels to Madrid, where he will live a luxurious and wasteful life with his mistress, Julia. In his absence, unexpectedly, Juan de Mourente, Sabela’s younger days’ love, comes back to Soñeiro after being in America. He tries to seduce her but Sabela rejects him several times. Eduardo finally marries Tonucha and begins to behave like his father, having a relationship with a woman named Mercedes. One day, Sabela gets troubled by debt and has to ask Juan de Mourente for help, who decides to seek Don Jaime to show him that he has abandoned his wife. Jaime decides to leave Julia and come back to Sabela precisely on her birthday, occasion of a huge party in her honor. Eduardo decides to go with his lover, but a fatal accident will impede it.


RELEVANT FACTS: That is how the main plot evolves, regarding personal relationships between the main characters. However, there are many interfering secondary characters with their own plots.

Its immense popularity resulted in the famous movie with same title (1949), directed by Ramón Torrado for Suevia Films.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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