The Noble Family (Nosotros los nobles)(Film)


When German Noble, a manipulative and powerful businessman realizes that all his children: Javi, Barbara and Charlie, are completely spoiled, at the verge of ruining their lives, he decides to simulate his business is bankrupt, in order to teach them a lesson. They will believe all their properties have been seized: they no longer have their respective cars, cellphones nor credit cards, moreover, they have to relocate in a disadvantaged neighborhood, change their surnames and cut off contact with everyone they know, in order to do something they had never done before….work for a living.

It’ll be under those circumstances that German’s heirs will learn what is their true value, regardless their name, fortune and social status. At the same time, German will learn his own lesson: he made a mistake bringing up his children like that, without paying them special attention, prioritizing being a businessman over being a dad.


DATOS RELEVANTES: The Noble Family (Nosotros los nobles) is produced by La Familia Florentino Films S.A. de C.V.