Cockfight (Pelea de gallos) (TV series)

Life in its rawest form.

The stories that make up the book Cockfight are narrated by different voices within “the home”, the space that builds —or destroys— people. It’s the place where we see family relationships and their secret codes: power, affection, silences, solidarity, abuse, and all the horrors and wonders that are enclosed within the four walls of a house.

In these stories, there are innocent beings who become corrupted, people who are sick with love, loneliness, loss, and individuals who fight in their own way against the sheer cruelty that’s being alive.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: María Fernanda Ampuero is an Ecuadorian writer and journalist who has collaborated with numerous international publications. She has won the Mary Shelly’s Children Prize, the Cosecha Eñe Prize, and the Joaquín Gallegos Lara Prize, awarded by the Municipality of Quito. Her work Cockfight was featured among the top ten fiction books in a list published in The New York Times.


Both the book and the author have received excellent reviews:

“Incredible!” Mariana Enríquez.

“María Fernanda Ampuero’s voice is tough and beautiful; her stories are precious and dangerous objects.” Yuri Herrera.

“With Cockfight, María Fernanda Ampuero positioned herself as one of the most outstanding short story writers in Hispanic America.” Cultura Nexos.

Cockfight is one of the great emblems of Páginas de Espuma.” El Telégrafo.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: In development for a TV series.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Greek.