Come into my Life (Entra en mi vida)

An unexpected encounter uncovers a vicious smuggling network.

When Veronica was ten years old, she found a picture of a little girl she had never seen before in her father’s wallet. Her intuition told her it was better not to ask. She always had the feeling that the tense silence at home hid something that no one wanted to talk about.

Veronica became a strong and determined young woman, accustomed to not being intimidated by anything and to fight for what is hers. An admirable and brave young woman who has grown up without luxuries, but with the love and support of her family, who, despite her mother’s depressive moods, have never failed her.

Laura, two years older than Veronica, an elegant girl from a wealthy family, lives under the shadow of an absorbing grandmother and a mother who hardly pays any attention to her. She is very responsible and mature, and since she was a little girl, she is used to having to do everything for herself. She had to put aside her own childhood and youth to face the constant demands of her grandmother and to make up for the shortcomings of an absent mother.

Veronica is at a point in her life where she doesn’t know what to do with her future, and puts her studies aside. Laura has given up her dreams of living in Paris to take over the family business.

Veronica decides to investigate the family past buried under the mysterious photo, eventually leading her to Laura. Veronica provokes an encounter by entering the shoe store where Laura works. After this, both women begin to unravel the tangled web of lies and manipulations that has shaped their lives. They discover that they are sisters and that Laura was one of the many babies stolen in Spain in the eighties, bringing to light a massive smuggling network that involves more victims than they thought.

They discover that Betty, their biological mother, despite what the doctors told her, was always convinced that her first daughter was not dead. It was that intuition that drove her to search for her baby at all costs. However, once she found her, she decided it was best to give her up. She realized that she had an affluent life, and she was afraid to separate her from that. She decided to keep the secret, despite the fact that she continued to suffer.

Once all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, both young women decide to continue cultivating the relationship that was stolen from them when they were children.


RELEVANT DATA: Come into my Life (Entra en mi vida) is inspired by a very sensitive topic that has been in the news for a long time: the kidnapping of children.

Clara Sánchez is one of the most commercially successful authors in the Spanish literary scene, with millions of novels sold and translated in more than 20 countries. She has received the most important Spanish language narrative awards, such as the Planeta Award, the Alfaguara Award, the Nadal Award, the Mandarache Award for Young Readers, the Roma Award, the Italian National Vincenzo Padula Award, the Literary Institute and Hispanic Culture Award (for her literary career), and the Bilbao Booksellers Award, among many others.

Clara Sánchez collaborates in newspapers and literary magazines, and is a specialist in cinema, participating for five years in the program ¡Qué grande es el cine! (RTVE).


What the critics have said:

“A story of psychological struggles impregnated with feelings and betrayals, fears and deceptions.” El País

“A fast-paced novel. You live the story very closely with the characters. You can’t stop reading it until the end. And you want to continue to be part of their lives.” Amazon

“A beautiful book on a very current topic. The writer creates spectacular characters, which transmit an infinite number of feelings.” Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Hebrew, Russian.

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