Death will have your eyes (La muerte tendrá tus ojos)

An innocent job assignment that will put her life at risk.

Lía Llamas is a forty-year-old lawyer who works as a legal advisor for the Ministry of Infrastructure in Montevideo, Uruguay. As a teenager she was a rebellious girl, the opposite of her sister Laura, who was hardworking and responsible. When they were young, Laura passed away, which caused Lía to adopt her sister’s personality, abandoning her bohemian life to preserve her sister’s memory.

Now, after years of pretending to be someone she is not and escaping from her dominating and conservative mother, Lía is determined to change her life one last time and abandon her parents’ house to move alone into an apartment she inherited from her uncle. At first, everything goes smoothly, but, little by little, an avalanche of situations will threaten to end her peace. At work, the Minister personally assigns her a mission: to write the final report that will define which company will earn an important public bid. Whoever earns the bid will be able to turn the Port of San Pedro into a tourist and commercial center. Lia soon realizes that the project will create environmental damage and there are also some great economic interests at play.

As she prepares the report, she will become a sort of detective who will discover shocking secrets and dangerous fraudulent businesses behind the entire plan. At the same time, Van Buren, one of the businessmen seeking the bid, asks her out. Lía agrees because, although she is suspicious of him, she feels a strong attraction towards him. However, she is aware that Van Buren is someone she should not get tangled with, due to the conflict of interest between the bidders and the ministry.

One night when Lía goes to dinner with her friends, she is attacked in front of her house. The attacker is wearing a mark, but he ends up dropping it, so Lia is able to see him. Before leaving, he threatens her, and tells her not to release the report, or he will hurt her. Now Lía’s safety is compromised, and she has two options: to take justice into her own hands or stay quiet. She decides on the former and investigates everyone around her: her friends, her co-workers, her neighbors, and of course, Van Buren. The only certainty is that there is no one she can trust.

Lía is no longer a spectator of the intricate plot around the Port. Now she is the protagonist of her own story and will have a major say in the outcome of it all.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: The author, Mercedes Resende, is a lawyer and a journalist. Her works have evolved from crime thriller to detective fiction, characterized by dark humor and a certain break of the norms with her genre. Her works have been translated into English, French, German, and Italian.

Death Will Have Your Eyes has all the ingredients to become a highly successful audiovisual adaptation, with a multidimensional female character and a plot that delves into current events such as the environmental impact of industry and political corruption.

The author has received multiple awards, such as Municipal Narrative Prize, the National Uruguayan Literature Prize Premio de Literatura Nacional Uruguayo and the LiBeraturPreis.


What critics have said about the author and the work:

“A brave author with unique novels, unusual ideas and interesting points of view.”  Bartolomé Leal (Chilean author)

“Rosende’s work is outstanding.”  Ramiro Sánchez (Uruguayan author)

“Mercedes Rosende has transcended borders”. El Cultural

“In addition to a plot that never ceases to surprise, I really liked the setting and a very authentic voice.”  Goodreads


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

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