Murders, impossible love and a blurred reality are the essence of Demencia; a story about three friends who are involved in a rollercoaster of Surrealism.

Eight voices, two murders, three friends, two beautiful pianists, a gone mad city and a shocking story are the ingredients of this savage thriller.

Fabián Alfaro is a young violinist who is legally persecuted due to the murder of his neighbor. However, he does not certainly know whether he committed that crime. At the same time, he is in love with Herminia, a mysterious woman whose existence is neither certain.

On the other hand, Rogelio Ricar has to face two difficult issues: firstly, his infatuation with a prostitute -who happens to be Herminia, Alfaros’ lover-; and the discovery of his father’s double life: he has declared himself openly gay and also works as a drag queen.

Finally, Néstor Canal, a handsome writer. He has a relationship with Rogelio’s little sister, Marisa. Nevertheless, that relationship is being threatened by the other sisters of Ricart, who are also in love with Néstor.

Demencia is a novel between reality and fiction, described by the author as “a limbo which manages to worry the reader, and makes him addicted to it”.


RELEVANT FACTS: Eloy Urroz is such a referent in the Mexican literature –although born in New York- who belongs to the Crack Movement.

Dementia has been inspired by other detective stories such as those by Ernesto Sábato and José Donoso. However, Urroz adds features of Surrealism that make out of Dementia an original and catchy narrative.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie



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