Diary of a nutcase (Diario de una chiflada)

How does someone survive adolescence?

Ada, a twelve-year-old girl, is in mourning: after three wonderful summer months, it’s time to start high school. Goodbye to the laughter on the beach and hello to early mornings and stress!

Even though she’s not looking forward to it, she imagines what her first day will be like: will she be received like a superstar? Or will they throw eggs at her face? In the end, nobody pays her any attention. Not even her best friend, Ana.

In class, Ada meets Gloria, the girl everyone admires because she is a TGD (So Gorgeous It Blinds). Ada is dying to be her friend, until she hears her mocking a classmate, prompting her to stand up to her. Gloria then starts to make her life an absolute hell.

As if that weren’t enough, her former best friend, Ana, sides with Gloria, leaving her completely alone.

That is, until she meets Diego, a boy who missed the first few days of class and now sits next to her. Since Gloria talks so much about him, Ada assumes he is her boyfriend. But he’s not.

Suddenly, Diego stops talking to her. Every day is the same, Ada looks at him, he looks at her, and neither of them says anything… Everything worsens when Ada realizes she’s in love with him. New friends, Luna and Sara, assure her that the feeling is mutual but that Diego is too shy to declare himself. Is that why he no longer speaks to her?

Between defending herself from Gloria’s relentless campaign to humiliate her, managing her feelings for Diego, and dealing with a family that drives her crazy —especially her little twin brothers—, arriving at high school is not being easy at all. How will she manage to survive?


RELEVANT DATA: Diary of a Nutcase, a hilarious novel about the terrifying arrival at high school, is one of Amélia Mora’s most successful works. Her style reminds us of the famous literary and audiovisual saga Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The author is a successful screenwriter who has worked on projects like The Unit. Likewise, she is a writer specialized in youth and children’s literature and has been a finalist for the Edebé Award for Children’s Literature.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Show, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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