The dagger of jealousy (El puñal de los celos)

They call her Rocío, sweet as candy. 

In Alcorcón, Madrid, on a cold and rainy November night, Denisa Dragan receives a fatal stab. The police face a case full of mysteries and very few clues that is about to go unpunished. However, an unexpected coincidence reveals the truth behind that dark night.

It all begins when Denisa ends her relationship with Mario, who quickly replaces her with Rocío Martínez, his new partner. But Mario and Denisa, known for their sexual promiscuity and drug addiction, continue to see each other in secret, and Rocío soon finds out.

Rocío becomes obsessed with spying on the relationship between Mario and Denisa until one day, tormented by jealousy and anxiety, she demands Mario an introduction to his ex.

He agrees, unaware that Rocío knows about his affair with Denisa and that she plans to kill her. Currently, Rocío Martínez is serving an 18-year sentence in prison, where she remains the protagonist of countless fights and conflicts.


RELEVANT INFORMATION: Through a judicial investigation and the testimonies of the killer and those affected, El puñal de los celos explores the lives of a group of young people who are socially marginalized, sexually promiscuous, drug users, and addicted to social media. The author, Jesús Duva, presents all the details of the legal process, the defense of lawyers on both sides, and the experiences of the protagonists. Duva, a graduate in Journalism, has had a career of almost forty-five years in the newspapers Pueblo, Ya, and El País, where he held positions such as Interior correspondent, responsible for local information, and editor-in-chief of politics and society. In addition to being a professor at the UAM-El País School of Journalism, he was the press chief for Manuela Carmena, the mayor of Madrid.


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.

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