A meticulous project that threatens to destroy Europe.

A super-contaminated Madrid in which society is divided between the rich who live above the toxic clouds and the humble classes living underground. A corrupted Madrid where the air is so thick that it is impossible to breathe, and from where the whole society is trying to escape.

This is where Aureliano lives. For him, his father –the prestigious surgeon Max Luminaria– is his role model. Aureliano is so fond of his father that he aims to follow his steps as a serial killer.

Aureliano’s life changes when his lover, Claudia, dies in a car accident. Looking for vengeance, Aureliano finds the murderers and tortures them until they confess their crime. Aureliano is then attacked by the police and becomes tetraplegic after a shot in the nape.

His father Max comes back to Madrid to successfully carry out a medical milestone: his son’s body transplant. When Aureliano wakes up, he realizes that his head has been transplanted to the body of a black immigrant woman.

Aureliano starts his new life in that body, but he is deadly shot in a racist attack. Once again, Max brings Aureliano back to life, but this time as a cyborg.

This way, Max has total control over Aureliano. However, Aureliano will not stand the constant voice of his father and will take the device out of his head to be free. Then, Max will reveal Aureliano his real intentions: Aureliano is being part of Max’s project on human evolution. A project in which Aureliano will eventually get rid of his body to become a “transhuman”, a being that lives in the cyberspace.

Max, helped by his son, who already has control over the cyberspace, starts his plan of annihilating Europe with gigantic technological machines. However, Aureliano will make use of his power as a transhuman to boycott the project and put an end to his father’s supremacy.

Once Max is defeated and the whole continent is devastated, new civilizations emerge from the ashes.


RELEVANT DATA: Europa is a fast-paced ecological dystopia full of social criticism and action, set in a plausible universe. From an original and outstanding concept, David Llorente builds complex characters that show evolution throughout the story, in which identity is one of the main topics.

Europa has a clear audiovisual potential thanks to the complexity of its plots and the universe that Llorente creates. Taking Europe as a starting point, new plots and subplots could be developed in the same universe, making it possible a wider development of that dystopian Madrid.

David Llorente is a writer and playwright, who has been awarded the Hammet Award, the Valencia Negra Award, the Francisco Umbral Short Novel Award and the Ramón J. Sender Narrative Award, among others.


What the critics have said:

“Europa confirms that Llorente is one of the greatest novelists of our generation”.– eltaquigrafo.com


AUDIOVISUAL POTENTIAL: TV Series, Miniseries, Film, TV Movie.


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